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Giving Tuesday Now | Support Our Supply Lines

By Luke Lorenz
Government Affairs, Navy League Staff

The men and women of our sea services are risking their lives to keep our supply lines open and to transport the medicines and critical equipment that our nation needs. They perform this dangerous mission without hesitation because they want to protect us. Shouldn’t they have someone to protect them as well?

Luckily, they have the Navy League. For over one hundred years, our organization has supported the heroes in our Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. Not everyone knows the hardships they face and the sacrifices they make. But we do, and that’s why we care.

Giving Tuesday Now | Join us for a global day of giving

Through our local councils across the country we sponsor youth programs and STEM training. We boost morale by adopting ships and their crews. We host conferences, present awards, and tell the stories of our best and bravest. We work tirelessly for our sea services because they work tirelessly for us.   

Today, we as a nation face a threat unlike anything we have encountered in our lifetimes. A virus which kills tens of thousands and debilitates countless more has spread across the globe overwhelming hospitals, disrupting food supplies, and altering our very way of life. In the midst of this global tempest, a select few dare to go beyond the quarantines to bring back life-saving provisions from nations near and far and through waters rough and menacing. These are our seafarers for whom we work with a passion and commitment rivaled only by their own.

The disruptions caused by coronavirus have not slowed our mission but rather expanded our efforts and redoubled our resolve. We have made it a priority to ensure the rapid dissemination of critical information and updates to our networks both in and out of the sea services. Our local supporters provide guidance and camaraderie to family members separated from service-members at sea. Our communications platforms keep them connected to one another and keep them apprised of ongoing initiatives that they can take part in.

And perhaps most importantly, we work to bring recognition to these essential but often overlooked guardians of America’s supply lines. It is the sea services that keep our nation secure and prosperous. It is the sea services that bring medicines to the sick and equipment to the hospitals. It is the sea services that will bring us out of our current economic and health crisis. We should never forget the courageous service and tremendous sacrifice of these men and women. As long as the Navy League is active, we never will.

Please help us to continue providing our services to those who keep your grocery store stocked and your pharmacy supplied. They protect us every day. Help us to keep them protected. On this special Giving Tuesday, please support the Navy League of the United States.

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