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Navy is the Focus for Sea-Air-Space 2020: Virtual Edition Day 3

By Navy League Communications

Today's edition of Navy League's Sea-Air-Space 2020: Virtual Edition, hosted by Government Matters, shined a light on the Navy, focusing on how its leadership is rethinking its challenges in light of the coronavirus.


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Adm. James Foggo of U.S. Naval Forces Europe performed his interview from Italy, arguably the hardest hit COVID-19 place on the globe. He discusses the unique perspectives he's gained in the last few months and how he now views viruses as a new reality of modern warfare.

Navy Assistant Secretary for Research, Development and Acquisition James Geurts highlighted how he is focused on protecting the health of the workforce ensuring they are following hygiene best practices, ensuring the industrial base is economically strong and working closely with operators to keep readiness up. 

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Tomorrow's episode will focus on space and artificial intelligence as we explore the modern warfighter.